A high score in the OET examination opens doors for medical professionals in various disciplines to go abroad and realize their educational, vocational and immigration dreams. Most of my students score 400+ and I conduct personalized classes in small batches of upto 4 students.


A high GMAT score opens doors to top B-schools all over the world for aspirants. Most of my students score 700+ and I conduct personalized classes in small batches of upto 4 students.


GRE is the most sought-after exam by students who are looking to go abroad for master’s courses. Most of my students score 320+ and I conduct personalized classes in small batches of upto 4 students.


IELTS is the most popular English language proficiency test all over the world. Most of my students score 7+ and I conduct personalized classes in small batches of upto 4 students.


SAT is the de-facto aptitude test taken by students to pursue under-graduate studies abroad. Most of my students score 1300+ and I conduct personalized classes in small batches of upto 4 students.


PTE is a globally accepted test of English language proficiency and it is the preferred exam for candidates aiming to go to Australia. Most of my students score 79+ and I conduct personalized classes in small batches of upto 4 students.


TOEFL is the most popular English proficiency exam taken by students aiming to study abroad in USA. Most of my students score 100+ and I conduct personalized classes in small batches of upto 4 students.


I reached Vibhu for my IELTS coaching. He is one of the best trainers in Chennai for IELTS. He guided me with all the things necessary for the exam right from the methodologies for each section to booking the exam slots. With his help I was able to score L-8.5,R-7.5,W-7,S-7 (overall 7.5) in IELTS General. It took so much practice and every time I needed help, Vibhu was available. He is very friendly to approach. Without second thought one can reach out to him for his coaching classes. Good Luck.

Joseph Tony – IELTS

Before joining here, I visited Manya, Adyar. I have found that there is a huge difference in method of training. Moreover, in my observation he has kept a nominal fees structure. The classes here are conducted in smaller groups of students (class size- 3 students per class).This encouraged me to gain more personal attention and sort out my doubts. Vibhu Sir gives a prompt feedback on mistakes and helps on how to improve scoring high. He also analyze the capacity of individuals and give techniques to boost confidence. I personally recommend this place because of genuineness in training and teaching methods.

Himanshu Uppal – IELTS

I had taken IELTS Classes from Vibhu and my experience was awesome. His method of teaching is very effective. After just a few classes I was able to score a 7 on my IELTS and thanks to Vibhu’s help I was able to secure my admission for MS in Sport Management in Deakin University where I am currently studying.

Samyukth Balaji – Admissions Counselling & IELTS

I was struggling to get a good band score in IELTS. After approaching Vibhu, through his classes i finally got 8 in the test and also availed good services in SoP editing and in university application process.

Nithin Krish – Admissions Counselling & IELTS

Vibhu helped me score 82 on the PTE test to achieve the maximum points for language. His classes are personalized and he makes sure to give all the inputs to ace the exam. Overall, I am quite happy with the classes and will definitely advise my friends to attend his PTE classes.

Rashmi Daga – PTE

Vibhu directly helped me shortlist and apply for colleges with me personally . He also prepared me for my IELTS exam and as a result i got admitted into the IE Business School, Madrid thanks to his systematic approach of teaching and applying. I am proudly a graduate thanks to him today.

Shyam Hari J P – Admissions Counselling & IELTS

Attended IELTS coaching. Scored an 8. Know what the exam tests -> deduce how to maximize score -> attack different sections -> put it all together -> score high. Vibhu is such a person who takes you through all the above mentioned steps.

Louis Bharnabas – IELTS

Vibhu is one of the most talented teachers I have ever met. He taught me all the shortcuts which helped me to score well in my GRE exam. Although I was a slow learner, he spent enough time on me and helped me all through my problems from the beginning. I consistently improved my score in every mock test that I took once in a week. Spent some extra time when I had problems specifically in all those areas which I was weak.

Aaditiyan Dhakshinamurthy – GRE

Well, for starters, the personalized coaching from Mr. Vibhu’s side did it all for me. I was pleased with my trainer’s ability to personally relate with the student and his availability to the student even while not being in class. He’s not just a tutor by the books, it’s all round coaching which is exactly what one needs to crack a nerve wrecking exam like the GMAT. A 5 star for his dedication in his work and in you as a student.

Haider Madraswala – GMAT

I was hopeless at one point owing to the fact that I was unable to achieve my target score in writing parameter in IELTS. It was then I found this best trainer, who was quite close to my home and more importantly, his teach and error pointing skills are incredible. I used to send him my writing (task 1 and 2) samples to him over email and he used to tell me the necessary feedback which was quite comfortable, as I work in different shifts and he was extremely convenient to work with. The feedback on each task of mine was very very beneficial and it was because of his cooperation, I was able to score 7 in Writing (Twice). Plus, he is not at all money minded. He first understands our requests and works on that. Money is second priority to him. Overall, he was my savior, as without him, I would not have got know about the mistakes that I was making. God bless him for the impeccable work he is doing and helping out students. My score before coming to Vibhu – Writing – 6.5 and 6 (General). With his assistance – 7 in Writing (twice)

Ajay Kumar Srinivasan – IELTS

I had taken IELTS online coaching from Professor’s Classes. With no doubt I can tell my overall communication skills got improved, there will be direct interaction with the trainer, so with no distractions you can take the classes where ever you want.

Nandakiran Gandla – IELTS